Workshop Residence is a for-profit social enterprise commissioning artists to design functional objects and support local makers in production.  Working along with Workshop founder and San Francisco patron of the arts Ann Hatch as the founding Director between 2011-2015, I facilitated the design and production of over 25 artist-designed products manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area and sold through over 50 retail stores worldwide. For a complete list of projects, please visit Workshop Residence.

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Fabric Workshop and Museum

Collaborating with artist Lauren DiCioccio, Workshop Residence transformed Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum's "white box" Gallery at 1222 Arch Street into a pop-up retail store, coffee bar, studio and workshop space, with a "living room" for hosting Unboxing events. 


Thank You Bag by Lauren DiCioccio

Artist Lauren DiCioccio joined Workshop to create a sturdy and functional tote bag based on her hand embroidered trompe-l'œil sculpture. After hosting a successful "embroider a Letter workshop, we followed up by creating a DIY kit.

Lauren's and Braden partnered to form OPEN EDITIONS to further develop the success of her THANK YOU totes and have made and sold over 10,000 pieces to date.

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Lighting by Johanna Grawunder

The project we decided to take on, design and production of about 15 unique art-design pieces as well as two "industrial production" light products, was incredibly ambitious, especially considering our 8 week time frame. But Braden's extensive knowledge in art, design, production, sourcing, and methods of construction, his technical expertise in how to make things, as well as his never-failing enthusiasm, encouragement, curiosity and energetic problem solving capacity made for an incredibly successful production of which I am very proud. 

--Johanna Grawunder

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Heels by Martha Davis

I started my residency with an interest in exploring materials and processes but little idea of how a design might manifest. Together Braden and I scoured the depths of South San Francisco, Oakland, Marin looking for inspiration and connection. Braden was an integral part of my discovery, he has a deep knowledge of construction and a true maker with a passion for building and experimenting. We have since done several projects together and all have been equally fun, inspiring and successful.

--Martha Davis

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Utility Blanket and I-Block

by Jim Isermann

"I came to the WR with the I-block, a project I had been unsuccessfully working on for a decade. I greatly revised the block system for this iteration and Braden did an amazing job of sourcing production. Through Braden’s persistence we were able to find just the right fit for the product. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Braden. He is always in good spirits and is utterly indefatigable. Nothing is a problem; every obstacle is an opportunity for a better solution."

--Jim Isermann

GO set_two_pots_OS_1024x1024.jpeg

Cast Iron Dutch Oven by Outlaw Schmitz

Cast iron Dutch ovens designed by sculptor Gay Outlaw and woodworker Bob Schmitz. 

Reviewed by Remodelista as "The most beautiful Cooking pot in the world..."

The cope and drag match-plate pattern was made in-house, assembled using components fabricated by various fabricators in the SF Bay Area. 

CL Barn_Coat_Sample.png

Barn Coat by Christine Lee and Agelio Batle

While showing resident artist Christine Lee our sewing shop, Seamaid Skyblue, we asked Christine to create a product made from their growing scrap pile of denim offcuts. She enlisted past-resident artist Agelio Batle as an expert in high fashion work-wear resulting in a Barn Coat made from 100% recycled denim. Each panel is a slightly different shade of indigo. The chest pockets flaunt the material's pedigree with an exposed selvedge edge. 

JL 12_and_8.jpeg

SFFD Wooden Fire Ladders

Jerry Lee is a 30 year veteran of the San Francisco Fire Department's central Shops, and has made and restored the city's fleet of 300 wooden fire ladders. SFFD Fire Ladders are made from vertical grain Douglas Fir rails and turned American Hickory rungs, with leather foot and stencil details, and 3 coats of finish. 

After overcoming Jerry's reluctance to do a ladder making workshop at WR--he figured nobody would be interested in making a ladder-- we sold out seven classes during which participants made 40 wooden fire ladders. Our opening reception was attended by a 50' ladder truck and Deputy Fire Chief Lombardi led a toast to Jerry and his decades of service to the city. 

SS SS_Hoodie_111_1024x1024.jpeg

Stephanie Syjuco Dazzle Collection

Artist Stephanie Syjuco joined Workshop Residence to create a pattern inspired by the dazzle camouflage used on US Navy battleships, screen-printed and sewn into a collection of shift dresses and a hooded sweatshirt. As an artist, Stephanie often investigates relationships of mass-production, so in the development of the dazzle collection we created a system of manually screen-printing such that while the dresses and sweatshirts were factory made in large production runs, no two garments had the same print-- essentially a mass produced unique object. 

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Workshop Residence Store

I continually visit The Workshop Residence for inspiration. My two sons continued to intern at WR and have had some of the fondest memories of their youth. We have seen nearly all projects that have come through their doors. Taken together, the projects address urgent issues including sustainability, local manufacturing and community building. Braden and Ann have built, both figuratively and literally, a dynamic and inclusive hub; a well-spring that is a visionary model of hope for interns, artists, designers, makers, local businesses, and really anyone who walks through its doors."

--Agelio Batle (excerpt from letter of recommendation)